Friday, October 28, 2011

Man Week

Even better than Shark week...

Auntie Seraphic from Seraphic Singles wrote a couple of delightful and insightful articles about men.
Here is a blog post in which Seraphic states a simple, but often forgotten truth: Men are who they are-not who we would wish them to be. (This statement also applies to people in general. But Auntie Seraphic is writing to an audience of single women, many of whom are maybe-not-quite-but-almost-borderline-husband-hunters, so she's mostly focusing on the fact that you can't manipulate the opposite gender into being your personal ideal of said gender. If her audience was men, then she would say: "Women are who they are-not who we would wish them to be.")

Because her audience is made up of maybe-not-quite-but-almost-boderline-husband-hunters, she states truths like: "the truth of the matter is that all men, although they share maleness and thus tend to share certain behaviours, are unique, and that should always be taken into consideration." These truths may seem obvious, but they are très importante to remember.

This is another Seraphic post, in which she mourns the rifts and hurts that our society has created between the sexes, aptly titled compassion. There are so many times I've groaned about how "Guys are stupid," or "Meeeeennnnn" or any number of ridiculous generalizations that are radically untrue about the male sex.

I was discussing the Alice Von Hildebrand book "The Privilege of Being a Woman" with my friend. We were discussing the issues with the book, and one of them is the fact that Von Hildebrand doesn't seem to account for the universality of some feelings. Yes, there are some aspects of being a woman that are particular to woman, but my friend felt like there were a lot of statements she made that applied to human beings as a whole. She had a really good point-people are people, and men and women are a little more alike than we give them credit for. Once we realize that truth, then we can indeed be more compassionate, loving people.

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