Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

In honor of the holiday, you get to see the family's favorite Halloween costumes ever devised by my loving mother. My dear mother sent it to me, after reading my haikus. (She felt there was some reason I identified so deeply with sticks of butter.) She has gotten so much grief from me and my sister over the years for dressing us as a stick of butter and a peanut, respectively. (My younger brother seems not to have minded nor still mind being a jar of jelly. I personally think his costume makes him look like a small purple alien.) That Halloween, I definitely enjoyed my costume up to a certain point. After all, my sister was in constant chagrin over her peanut costume, and would much rather have been the stick of butter. Because my sister desired something I had, said possession became immediately much more indispensably precious to me.
(However, we both decided our little brother had the best costume. After tripping on my cardboard box while walking up the front porch stairs of a house, I decided my butter stick costume wasn't the best option after all.)
There's a hilarious-yet-utterly-pathetic picture of me and my preschool class on Halloween. Literally every single girl is dressed in a sparkly Princess/Angel costume. Except me.
I'm located in one of the back rows, rocking the butter yellow long johns and a foil-covered cardboard box.
I went as a stick of butter.
See, in the above picture, we look adorable, because you get the full effect:
Oh, look. Peanut...Butter...Jelly...Peanut Butter and Jelly! Oh that's just too cute.
And I'll grant you we look mighty fine all together. In retrospect, it's one of the darn cutest ideas in the world that I'm probably stealing for my kids' Halloween costumes.

But still.

There's that picture of a lone stick of butter in a sea of princesses.

Story of my life.

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