Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumanl Breakin', Last Day

I'm sitting in Starbucks, with the other hip 20 somethings, getting "work" done. Except I'm not doing work, I'm writing a blog post. I've definitely fallen in love with not only this city, but the idea of being a student/young professional in this city. Traveling, I believe, should help you discover passions. And I definitely discovered a renewed passion for the pro-life cause. And I'm so grateful for all the discussions we had about all the issues we were dealing with.
So, one of the reasons I had spurts of posting during the trip was because Washington Seminar Center has wifi, but it's about as reliable as a chimpanzee navigating a 747 in a hurricane. So, I was not able to post this post (I had seminar reading that had to get done, ya know).
Anyhow, when we were on the train, our group sat in a circle, clogging up the aisle, and having a grand old time laughing. We'd been serious all week (kind of), and the last day all together we just laughed ourselves silly. After sharing first impressions of the group, we realized no one really liked each other during the class periods. But, after spending a week together, we all loved each other exponentially more.
Yesterday, we ran into several GoLifers outside the dining hall, and each was attacked with a big bear hug. It was phenomenal. It's phenomenal to have friends that you can glomp after traveling across the country with them. Traveling with people brings you together like nothing else. Everyone should have the experience of road-tripping with friends. Road-trippin' with families is phenomenal-there's travel BINGO, fighting, laughing, bickering, and lots and lots of family bonding. When you travel with friends, they become your family. There's lots of laughing, inside jokes, and also maybe a little bickering, but you get cemented together in this crazy way that I can't even describe. It's an incredible gift, and I'm so thankful I got my week in D.C. with a crazy group of lovely people.
I was at the grotto after our GoLifer lunch on Friday, and I knelt down in front of Mary. My first thought was: Oooh, haven't done this in a long time. Then my second thought was: but God was so present this week. He was present in the love of the group, in the people that we met, in the honest, difficult conversations we had, in all the prayers I would offer up before opening my mouth to speak. God was so present in such a unique way this week, and I'm so incredibly grateful that I got to be a part of it. After completing this seminar, I think part of our call is to continue to discuss the Gospel of Life. All of us are so passionate about this issue (maybe too much so...I went on a date yesterday and we wound up discussing abortion and abortion law. Not your standard first date conversation material by any standards, I'm afraid. But it was a marvelous conversation. #whenprolifenerdsdate #TFLM), and although all of us have slightly different ways of dealing with and looking at life issues, we all care. And that's the important thing-once people care: care about the women, children, fathers, grandmothers, and people these issues are affecting, then whether pro-life or pro-choice they can't help but want to fight for life.

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