Monday, September 26, 2011

we are not accustomed/To witness voices

Dear 24-hour lounge,
Hi. I'm going down to the basement. It's not me. It's definitely you. I'll see you later-as in when that couple decides to stop smooching on the sofa.
PLS Student

Dear Lucretius,
Hi. So, please clear this up for me (still not sure where you stand on this...) Something can come from nothing, right?
From the void,
PLS Student

Dear Sunday Night,
Hi. You are tough and I'm not a big fan. Like on a scale of one to big fan I come in at a 2.5. My soul is kind of hurting right now. Please be over soon. #sleeplessnights
Sleeplessly yours,
PLS Student

Dear Starbucks,
Hi. You are a life-saver. Literally. Thank for you being so delicious. And for being the perfect place for heart-to-hearts to happen. Not a bad Sunday night after all.
Caffeine and café,
PLS Student

Dear Squirrels of Notre Dame,
Hi. Please don't be scared. I just want to be your friend!
Love 'n' Hugs,
Disney Princess (masquerading as a PLS Student)

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