Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"I believe we have different paginations"

I was walking out of the shower this morning, when I got engulfed by a sweet wave of homesickness.
I love autumn. And all things fall-ish.
I love the bright colors and the beautiful everything. And I love the smell of the air during fall-it smells crisp and bright.
And the thing is, the air feels cold. There's a difference between autumn air and spring air. Spring air is filled with smells-sweet, springy, budding, new life smells. But autumn air is pure and bright, and filled with crinkly, leaves-are-falling smells.
I like the feeling of cold air, especially when the warm sun is shining, because the warm sun toasts your face, but the cool air keeps you from getting all sticky and sweaty. You're surrounded by the cool, refreshing air. It's really the perfect weather.
And the colors are brighter in the fall-the reds are redder and the sky is bluer, and it's just beautiful. Fall weather is bomb.
And I love all the trappings of fall. I love apple pie and pumpkins and Halloween and the first hot cocoa of the season, and pumpkin-flavored everything. And the ruby reds and brilliant golds and all the colors that fill the world like a flame.
And nowhere is fall more beautiful than at home. Nowhere.
Minnesota-in-the-Fall can't be beat.

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