Friday, September 9, 2011

dangers of bunkbeds

Let's talk about things that are a bad combination.

A two-year-old and a Kitchen aid mixer are a bad combination.

A teenage girl and a tub of Ben & Jerry's is a bad combination.

Running into friend crushes when you're rocking the classic sweats and hair-in-messy-bun bad combination. Rookie mistake.

Middle-schoolers and cellphones are a bad combination.

Gasoline and fire are a bad combination.

Iced coffee and uneven table surfaces are a bad combination.

Free Wifi EVERYWHERE, Facebook, and homework hanging over your head are a bad combination.

Carrots and peanut butter are a bad combination.

And klutzes and bunkbeds are a bad combination. It's like basically asking for an injury. Like that one time I woke up early in the morning and was peacefully was climbing down my ladder until I promptly fell off of it. Because I'm graceful like that.
Also, what makes me more than slightly nervous is the sad fact that my mattress is taller than my bed's guardrail.
Take a moment.

Think about it.

But despite all these bad combinations, there is still hope, because there exist in this world some things that are good combinations:

Running into Old Alumni (class of '62!) while on a run around campus is a good combination. Add in a half-hour conversation about Notre Dame, and you have a great combination. And a new friend on top of that!

High-heeled brown boots and anything is a good combination.

Heart-to-hearts/meltdowns/sleep-deprived rants in the basement with friend is a good combination.

Sisters and random late-night run-ins are a good combination.

Beautiful fall days and weddings are a good combination.

Singing and smiling are a good combination.

Candles and the Grotto are a good combination (there was a candlelight procession last night to commemorate 9-11. It was absolutely beautiful, and so moving to see all those thousands of students lined up to go to the Grotto.)

Funny people and great books are a good combination.

Long telephone convos and friends are a good combination.

Life is so full of multitudinous wonderful things. I feel like I should blog about them more often. But sadly homework>blogging. Thus, homework has been literally eating up all my time. Thus, blogging doesn't happen.

School+blogging is a difficult combination.

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