Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Biggest Cup

aka the Procrastinating Post...

Etiquette for a Lady is making my heart feel super happy. I'm sitting in a comfy re-vamped Lafun armchair with two options:
Read The Republic.
Read Etiquette for a Lady.

Is that really even an choice? I think my course of action in such a situation is clear. And then, I found all these beautiful little snippets of wisdom that reflected perfectly what I've been thinking about and pondering recently.

My challenge this semester is to find out what I want to major in. And it's a struggle. There are just so many possible majors, it can be downright overwhelming, and all of them sound marginally interesting. It's just hard to find the major that pops out at you, screaming, "ME! Pick me! You won't be able to live without me!" Scratch that, I've found that major. It's called Theatre. But I'm in the throes of trying to decide what my second major should be.
I just read what I wrote, and it sounds absurdly ridiculous. I'm agonizing over what my second major should be.
Good Grief.
Only at Notre Dame.

What it boils down to is that it's really an exercise in trust. I waltzed into college thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do. But God really does enjoy pitching us curve balls, which, while semi-annoying/frustrating, serve to keep us on our toes. If you never know what's coming next, then you really do have to trust God.
See what He did there? He's so creative at finding ways to get us to let go and trust in Him. He's a sneaky One.

Nice is not a virtue. My dear Sister of the Heart and I discovered this tonight as we were hashing out how to find the balance between kindness and charity and strength and confidence. C'est très difficil, as our French brethren would say. See, Mama T says "The world is lost for want of sweetness and kindness." The world is starving for want of Christ's sweetness, and we're called to spread His sweet fragrance everywhere we go.
But I think we all instinctively spot the emptiness of niceness. We know the difference between kindness that springs from the fire of Love and ambivalent niceness.
Charity that doesn't spring from God is an empty sort of charity.

Sister of the Heart was talking about the cheap imitations that our world offers. In so many ways, the world takes the gifts God offers us, and then just modifies it, twists it, and separates it from its context, making it a sad little carbon-copy of what God has to offer. (We were originally thinking of how the hook-up culture is a sorry substitute for real love and genuine relationships, but people settle so easily for the knock-off version instead of seeking the real deal. So that was our original point, then I realized her thought worked well for this post, so I decided to work it in there.) To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, niceness is the world's substitute for charity, just as passive unselfishness is its substitute for active love.

We're not called to be doormats. No, no, my friends, we're called to be Lovers of the deepest, most real variety. We're not called to be small little shot glasses, but great large goblets. We're called to expand ourselves, expand our souls to be the greatest version of ourselves that we can be. God is constantly pouring out His infinite grace, and the biggest cups will be the most filled with His love. And once they're full, they will run over, pouring out to others the love they've received.

Don't settle for the small, constraining version of reality the world offers. There's a rich life of beauty and magnificence God has in store for you. Seek that life-the real reality.
Go further up and further in.

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