Sunday, August 21, 2011

Earnest Triviality

I love these actors. I love these people. They are whimsical, hilarious, quirky, adorable and charming human beings. Utterly fantastic. I'm so blessed and lucky and happy and joyful to be directing them. And I mean it from the bottom of my heart-watching them create these characters and tell this story is just a joy and a privilege for me. They crack me up, they melt my heart, and they make me want to jump for joy.
They're goof-balls and fools, lovers and wooers, delicate little souls, and hearts made of steel. I was in Mass this morning, and looking at the colored shards of light streaming through the stained glass windows thinking of the play: thinking of the chairs I need to buy, what type of muffins to use, and how to run the entr'acte. And then a great burst of gladness filled my soul, because I was doing this show. With these people. At the beginning of sophomore year.
Hashtag winning.

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