Sunday, July 24, 2011

Follow Thou Me

"Thou who are at home deep in my heart, help me to join you deep in my heart." --The Talmud

So I'm feeling happy. Really, really happy. There could be several reasons for this.

Tonight, in a fit of nostalgia, I demanded that we watch Swiss Family Robinson. I love that movie. It's just the best thing that ever happened to mankind. Watching it was like reliving my childhood-a childhood I spent happily recreating scenes from that movie (especially the infamous and beloved dance scene) and quoting every other line.

So maybe that's why.

My mom suggested: "Hey! Why don't you guys go on a quick family bike ride before dinner!" [Notice how she included herself out of this fun family outing. She's a smart woman.] I think she was trying to ease us into a fun, stress-free little family bonding experience.
Unfortunately, our family doesn't really know how to do those.
The bike ride starts off with Newly-Minted Teenage Sister in a blue funk. She's a consistent creature: once she's in a foul mood, she refuses to be budged. So she was moping along at the rear of the bicycle caravan in a state of high dudgeon.
Furthermore, Eight-Year-Old Brother doesn't know how to a) hit the brakes on his bike in a timely manner or b) look both ways before crossing the street. Start imagining all the fun scenarios that that exciting combination will produce. Good times, right?
And finally, Sassy-Lil'- Thing Sister hit a loose retaining wall stone with her front tire and was thrown from her bike. She belly-flopped onto the cement and scraped up her knee and her elbow in a bad way. On top of all that she popped the bike's tire on the stone. So for the last mile of our bike ride, my dad and I ended up walking her bike back home.

Family Bike Rides: Making memories, one near-fatal injury at a time.

So there's that.

Or maybe it's because God keeps reminding me that He's in charge, and that He's got me on a wonderfully wild ride. And He keeps calling me to trust. Trust that everything's gonna be all right. And trust Him, so that I don't have to trust my own faulty judgement. And I'm so excited for my classes in the fall, and I'm excited to explore different majors, and I'm excited for my new life plan which is to go to Hawaii to work at this children's theatre there and take up surfing. And I'm excited to go to India and work at Mother Teresa's house, and I'm excited to study abroad in London (must get good grades this semester) and I'm excited to perform Pride and Prejudice in a park, and I'm excited to go to Italy over spring break, and I'm excited for the myriad possibilities that present themselves for fall break, and I'm scared out of my wits and sooooo excited to be directing the Importance of Being Earnest. And I'm just happy.
I like these moments. I have acne on my chin, I have clothes strewn around my bedroom that need to be put away, and I have a to-do list a mile long and a to-read stack a mile high. But everything's gonna be okay.

Thank you, Ingrid.

In fact, everything is PEACHY.

"Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see/The distant scene- one step enough for me./ I was not ever thus, nor prayed that Thou shouldst lead me on./ I loved to chose and see my path; but now, Lead Thou me on!"
--Lead Kindly Light, John Cardinal Newman

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  1. Renee, if I were a man, I would stalk your blog and end up falling in love with you.

    Hehe <3