Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Countin' Up the Minutes

The Art to Living Well is to enjoy all the random little beautiful happenstances that break up the monotony of quotidian life. We accomplish this in two simple steps:
A) taking the time to notice the little beauties. And then
B) celebrating them.
For example:
  • The bag of bagels that I picked up for my dad looked like the Sorting Hat.
  • Walking by the mailbox, I looked down and saw at the base of the box a little Star Wars action figure vehicle. My sources (Wookiepedia-love it.) tell me it's an A5 Juggernaut. Cool. You lean something new everyday, I guess. (???????)
  • Boated on the Mississippi last night, and watching the rippling whirlpools and the swirling eddies formed by the current was so amazing. Water is phenomenal stuff.
  • I was driving my mom to the doctor's office, and said on a whim I: "I think I'd like to be a large cat-like a lioness." Not even missing a beat, my mom responded: "I'd be an eagle." Then we continued to discuss the benefits or drawbacks of being an animal that could fly. My mom is awesome.
  • I dropped some books off for a friend yesterday, and her mother and her mom's mother were sitting outside the house, just chatting away, sipping coffee and enjoying the beautiful summer morning. As I drove up, I realized that I can't wait for the day when my mom and I sit out on my front porch and just sit there visiting, gossiping, and drinking our coffee in teacups. le sigh
  • The look that babies give you when they're deciding whether to smile at you or not. They have this moment of hesitation when they have to process what they see. And then they decide what to do about it. And then their ecstatic little toothless grin lights up their face like the dawn. Polar ice caps would melt at such a sight.
  • Looking up Juicy Couture baby strollers with co-workers. Let me repeat that: Juicy Couture. Baby stroller. It's a steal! It can be yours for only $490.00!! (Please note: fur footmuff sold separately) This is why I desperately love working at the mall. Because I somehow find myself at looking up the price of a Juicy Couture stroller. Oh, and if your parents were too cheap to splurge on a Juicy Couture stroller for you, I hope they at least bought you a Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair with Pneumatic Lift. I mean there are necessities, and then there are necessities, folks.
  • And then, there's this. It's been consistently making my day one day at a time this week. :)

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