Saturday, June 11, 2011

People-Watching Hardcore

So, I work at The Mall. Needless to say, my workplace is a rather prime people-watching locale. The following are some of my favorite things that I notice while working at The Mall:
(Author's note: in somewhat approximate order of how much I love them)

1) The Bevies of Buddhist Monks that inevitably wander through the garish, brightly colored theme park approximately once a week during the summer. Always a delightfully thought-provoking juxtaposition, they're a stark and beautiful reminder of the contemplative life in the midst of the most materialistic of places. Love them. Plus also, I love their orange habits. Those monks are finna stylin'.

2) The beautiful, amazing, lovely-tastic, gorgeous saris. Sometimes, Indian women wearing these treasures will casually saunter by, unaware of the desire that awakens in our hearts for clothing as rich, elegant, and just plain wonderful as theirs. I have sari-envy. When I go to India, I'm going to buy myself at least five saris, and then I shall wear them with abandon whenever I please. Sorted.

3)Boys with the perfect imitation Bieber hair. 'Nuff said.

4) Little girls in fancy dresses. When they wear their adorable mini-formalwear, it's just too cute to handle! They waltz around in satiny dresses with puffy sleeves and shiny white mary janes with roses on the toes. It reminds me of those days when my favorite dress was a blue and white gingham with a white ruffly pinafore. Ah! Excitement: thanks to a little internet-browsing, I uncovered a picture of it! Here's 'tis: Favorite dress ever.

5) The Energetic Young Mothers with their impeccably lovely yet breezy-casual sundress+cardigan combination. Love it.

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