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10 Reasons to Love Tangled


Maximus. What a horse, what a guy. Pompous mannerisms, disarmingly adorable demeanor, and ability to duel with a sword in his mouth make for one lovable character. This kid is one quality
doghorse. Maximus and Flynn's relationship is hilarious.
Flynn: "I feel like this whole time we've been misunderstanding each other, and we're really just-[notices the cuttingly wilting look on Maximus' face] yeah, you're right, we should go."

"The world is dark, Rapunzel: if it finds the slightest ray of sunshine, it destroys it."
Yeah, right. Tell that to the glowing hair, Mother Gothel.

She has hair that glows and heals things and stuff. That's pretty cool.

"Please speak up, Rapunzel, you know how I hate the mumbling." Mother Gothel's passive-aggression. SO irritating and hilarious at the same time.

Favorite background character: The little 0ld-man bandit who flys around the tavern dressed as cupid. And says the most hilarious, random lines. And graces the last shot of the movie. What a gem.


Best. Princess. Ever. Spunky and adorable and pretty and cute and talented, and adventurous and beautiful and funny and a ray of sunshine and kind and curious and joyful and brave and AWESOME

It's pretty. The forest is gorgeous-the sunlight shining through the green trees, the blue, blue clear water, Rapunzel's tower, the whirling colors of the birthday celebration, and of course the scene on the lake with the floating lights. Most beautiful scene ever.

They keep all the elements of the original Rapunzel fairy-tale, but twist them and make them just a little more original and more awesome. (Except they exclude the love-children Rapunzel had. Good choice, Disney. :P )

The Ending. No spoilers, but it's the most beautiful and compelling ending to a Disney Princess movie. Even trumps Sleeping Beauty or Beauty and the Beast. And I'd say it gives The Lion King a run for its money. EDIT: {spoiler alert} I was recently having a debate with a friend about this. I think the mutual sacrifice of the two characters is beautiful. Flynn is willing to sacrifice his life for Rapunzel, and her love for him saves him in every way a man can be saved. I think it's the most beautiful and mature Disney love story since- well- ever.

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