Thursday, May 5, 2011

Second Chances

There were these Nancy Drew PC games I played as a girl that I absolutely loved. In fact, they may or may not be what I've decided to spend all my free time this summer revisiting (Nancy Drew and Oregon Trail were the childhood computer games of choice).

One of the greatest features of these Nancy Drew games was the "Second Chance" option.

Took to long to escape the fiendish villain at the end of the game?
No worries.
Just hit the Second Chance button. You learn to run faster the next time.

Forgot to tie the rope that kept the chandelier from falling on your head?
Not a problem.
Hit the Second Chance button, and you definitely remember to tie the rope the second time.

Can' figure out how to rewire the bomb before it detonates?
You're in luck!
Hit the Second Chance button multiple times, and each time you learn all wrong ways to wire it before finally stumbling on the right solution.

Although a Second Chance button for life seems unrealistic at first glance, it's actually not that far off reality. I mean, yes, granted, if you have 40 seconds to disable a bomb, the harsh truth of the matter is that you really do only have 40 seconds, my friend. You can't replay those moments endlessly until you find the right solution.

Although real-life second chances don't allow us to erase our actions and retry the same moment again and again, we do have second chances. We screw up more often than any of us would care to acknowledge. And we make mistakes. Lots of them. But one Very Comforting Thing about God is that He gives us a finna lot of second chances. In His 150% infinite mercy, He's constantly offering us endless opportunities to improve, or to make up for our mistakes. The knowledge that we will have second chances allows us to move forward in our lives, let go of past decisions, and hope and trust that one day we'll learn from our errors and find the right solution.

"God doesn't require us to succeed, He requires only that we try," as Mama T. would say. Life's not a test that we have to get the right answers to or else we flunk; life is a journey. Sometimes on a journey you take the wrong road. And so you turn back. And try again. And again. And eventually you reach your destination.

This final video is also an artifact from my childhood, and I feel like it's the appropriate note to end on (pun totally intended).

VeggieTales FTW.

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  1. Haha, yesss. Nancy Drew! (and your thoughts on second chances made my day happier as well ;) )