Thursday, May 19, 2011

Freshman Year

There are certain songs that immediately make me think of a certain time in my life-when I listened to it non-stop or when it was soooo popular it played on the radio 24-7. Or when, for some reason, that song resonates with the events in your life. Or not. Sometimes it's just a piece of music that you like to listen to.

For example, Uncle Kracker's Smile always makes me think of last spring. I still love it just as much as I did then, but it's definitely a "then" song, not a "now" song. Here are the songs that were significantly present throughout my first year.

The Summer Right Before School(and kind of throughout the first semester):

First Quarter:

Second Quarter:

Christmas Break

DUH. :)
Second Semester:

First Quarter:

Second Quarter:


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  1. Wowww, we have two of the same songs! :D Dynamite is definitely last fall for me, and All I Want For Christmas is You is so last Christmas...some girls at my studio did a dance to it for the Christmas show. Good, good memories :)