Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[the best blog post title EVER]

The sis and I have spent the whole morning working on titles for her conference on vulnerability and human nature. We've been researching, molding words, and creating phrases for a good solid three hours now.

Our research has mainly consisted of looking up C.S. Lewis and Chesterton quotes, Bible passages, exploring our friends' Facebook quote pages, and listening to this song:

^SUCH a good song. (This whole post was just an excuse to post that song. Kidding! Kind of.)

Serious Contenders for the title are:
Safer than the Known Way: Encountering Human vulnerability
Tried and Found Wanting: Encountering Human Vulnerability
Brave the Darkness: Encountering Human Vulnerability
Dare the Adventure: Encountering Human Vulnerability

Our personal favorites (which all smack of a brainstorming session gone awry):
Validated by a B: Encountering Human Vulnerability
Too Mainstream: Encountering Human Vulnerability
Word to Your Mother: Encountering Human Vulnerability
Encountering Human Vulnerability: You Probably Haven't Heard of It

What do you think? Let us know. Please. We're not doing anything. We'll be sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by books, coffee, computers, and small children running in and out of the kitchen door.


  1. For realz, I vote for "Tried and Found Wanting", but in a perfect world, "Word to Your Mother" would win. ;)

  2. 1. Love the song. Let's just play this the entire time in the lobby.
    2. I vote for Validated by a B. (Which could also be the title of my life story.) But, for serious academic-ish purposes, I also like "Tried and Found Wanting."