Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Simple Joys of Maidenhood

Girls (smart girls) bond over the incredible fact that they're girls. 
AND we should giggle with sheer delight and joy that we are women.

Women are a community-a sisterhood. 
There are so many times I sit at lunch/dinner/coffee/pie with one of my nearest and dearest sisters of the heart and we bond over the fact that we are women, we love being a woman, and begin to list a thousand big and little things why being a woman is just so absofruitly delightful. 
We have solidarity with each other, and when someone attacks our sisters, we bristle with unsounded wrath. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," you know. 
In fact, playwrights ever since Aeschylus have gotten what a force to be reckoned with an unhinged woman is. Clytaemestra is a ferocious, fascinating, remorseless killer who murders her husband, and has no qualms about taking an axe to her son's head. Euripides tells the story of Medea, who kills her two innocent boys in order to break her faithless husband's heart. 
And my heart burns with indignation. And there are women in countries throughout the world who face untold atrocities, and my heart aches for them. And women who undergo stoning, or mutilation, or enforced rape are being violated and oppressed in the most disgusting and cowardly way possible. But that just proves how great it is to be a woman. Good men appreciate women--they are rapt in awe. 

Evil or weak men want to bring down women and seek to oppress them. The majority of women in Western societies are fortunate beyond our comprehension. We should be grateful, so immeasurably grateful for the opportunities and freedoms that we have.

 People make songs about being a woman--it's worth singing about-- Rogers and Hammerstein penned: "I Enjoy Being a Girl," and then there's the classic "How Lovely to Be a Woman," which is one of my personal favorites. Kim sings: "How lovely to be a woman/and smile a woman's smile." There's some sort of delicious, intriguing and solely feminine mystique captured in a woman's smile. And in the very fact of being a woman means your something of a mystery. Mystery and secret are at the core of womanhood, which is why secrets mean so very much to girls. And when someone confides a secret to them, women hold it to their hearts-a bond forms between them and their confidante.

And beauty. 
Beauty is so, so important for a woman. 
It is a gift that comes easily for women--to realize that it is each human being's fundamental vocation to bring beauty to the world.

In conclusion, I enjoy being a girl. That's all this post really is- a thanksgiving and celebration for being a woman. 

P.S. Also, stay tuned for a post coming soon-that's been in the works for some months now about Arwen, Eowyn, and womanhood. See how nice a segue this post is for that post, eh? 
Thanks for reading-now get off the computer and go enjoy your day. Bask in the sunlight. Take a walk. Sing a song. Dance in the grass. Feed some birds. Live life.

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