Monday, April 4, 2011

obligatorily in love

Hypothetical situation: Some rich eccentric relative/stranger offered you a million dollars a year for the rest of your life-all you would have to do is meet with him for an hour once a week, to get a brief bite to eat and a quick chat. 
Would you agree? Duh. Naturally. Obviously.
Giving up a teeny-weensy amount of time of your week to earn a million dollars? 
Sign. Me. Up. 
That's what we call minimal effort for maximal reward.

So, you show up and you spend time with this person. 
Depending on how well you know this human being, you most likely have some casual interest getting to know them, or you may just be in this to get the million dollars.
Whatever. Either way, you're showing up, eating a quick scone, or downing some tea, and exchanging a few words.
As you meet with him and talk with him every week, however, you will gradually get to know the person better and better.
The events in both your weeks will become stories to share with one another. 
You will hear about his life, and you will slowly learn about his.
Perhaps, as you get to know one another, you will begin to look forward to your weekly meetings.
Perhaps, maybe, after many, many meetings you will start to have what we call a friendship.

And obviously, since he is asking such a small favor, this person be upset and hurt if you blew off the weekly meeting. He really is just asking such a small favor.
But, if you said you were sorry and tried to do better, he'd forgive you and you'd move on in your relationship. 
And time spent with a friend, even if a cramp on our schedule, is a chance to relax, it is a respite, it is an opportunity to be refreshed by spending time with him. Instead of the weekly obligation being a drag, you'd start to welcome it. He'd become a permanent fixture in your life, and you could begin to spend time with him outside of the allotted time each week. 
Eventually, what started as a casual acquaintance would turn to deep and abiding affection.

This is a fixture in all of our lives.
Each week, we are asked to show up to a family meal.
We are asked to commune briefly with the strange and eccentric benefactor who has blessed us.
But instead of giving a million dollars a year, He gives us a year
He gives us life, and life in abundance. His promise to us is endless years and eternal life
. He has offered a proposal, and if we accept, He believes our relationship with Him will grow and blossom. 
All He really asks is that we come visit Him once a week and feed ourselves with Him and in Him.
What a leap of faith He is taking. 
This insane lover has wagered that if He can have us all to Himself for just one hour a week, He can woo us and win our hearts to Himself. 

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