Sunday, January 8, 2012

sad heart of Ruth

Indulge me for a moment, por favor?
Can we talk about Baby-love?
Kay, great, here we go.

Baby Love is an interesting phenomenon. There's this magical, mystical love that encompasses all of the babies in the world and renders you completely susceptible to their baby-charms. My family was at a family friend's house the other night, and my sister and I spent a good amount of time playing with the baby of the family. This little nugget of joy was wooing the crowd with her coos and smiles and claps. As we sat laughing at a ridiculous face she pulled, her mom smiled at us and said: "You have this to look forward to." There's something exciting about the fact that somewhere in the distant future there are babies of our own waiting. I've read somewhere I think that all women are mothers. Or maybe I never read it, but it's simply collective female wisdom, which is that intuitive knowledge that sneaks into the consciousness of a young woman before she even realizes it.

Not all women are actually biologically mothers, obviously. But, that does not negate or deny the fact that all women are mother figures. When I saw the blonde little angelic child prancing down the church aisle, my heart flip-flopped. And I just wondered and gloried in the fact that she was so precious. And then an attack of baby-love struck me, but it wasn't necessarily the desire to have a baby. It was the response in my own heart to the beauty that that child has, and the realization that a life without babies is simply impossible.

I simply can't understand when people profess to dislike children. They are so feisty and sweet and adorable and willful and incredibly pure and innocent and inspiring. They naturally pull you outside of yourself, and force you to look beyond your own needs and comforts to care for the screaming bundle of joy that is delivered helpless and completely vulnerable into your arms.

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