Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Live Like We're Living

Thank you, C.S.

 I should be reading The Iliad. But I'd rather be blogging. 
And as I wandered through all the posts that I have half-written, I decided not to post any of them.
But rather to post this, a charming and moving little video that I discovered this morning, because it's been on my mind the whole day. Because it warms my heart, and makes me want to dance for joy. Because if we all lived like this, we'd all smile a lot more, and laugh a little louder. Because living each day, finding the joy and the impeccable beauty in every single moment, is awesome.

The Book of Awesome is a truly beautiful little reminder that today we've been granted 86,400 seconds to spend as we please. And it's a challenge: How are you going to spend your 86,400 seconds?

God's given us those precious seconds, He's given us 86,400 opportunities to immerse ourselves in the dance of life, to love someone, to make them smile, to laugh, and to seek out the beautiful and awesome.

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful." --Mae West.

(^ And I end, as I began, with a quote. Clive may have had more traditional morals than Mae, but this sassy lady said some wickedly hilarious (and insightful) things. This quote explains why I listen to songs on repeat. 
Can't get enough of a good thing.)

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