Thursday, March 31, 2011

What A Girl Wants

Or: What a Woman Needs

Typical Fluffy Substance-Free Chick Flick:
Enter Girl.
Girl is single.
For some reason, we think this is a problem.
Girl wants boy.
Any boy will do.
Enter charming, suave, handsome young gent.
Girl is smitten by him.
He's probably not that into her yet.
He's too busy sleeping with all her best friends.
But, he comes equipped with a killer smile, defined pecs, and the IQ of a peanut.

 If that's the modern formula for romance, then we are doing something terribly wrong. 
What happened to all the interesting, complex heroes for the women to fall in love with? 
People may complain that Penelope embodies the ideal of the submissive Greek wife, but, hey, she's got AMAZING taste in men. Odysseus? I mean come on. Talk about a man that's not only wise, clever, and well-spoken, but also is desperately in love with her, and will sail through dangers untold to return to her.
That's more than we can say for Mr. Power-Pecs.
 Have you even seen Letters to Juliet? I literally squirmed in distress through the entire movie.
No one knows how to flirt anymore.
Kids these days.
I'm sorry, a callow young fellow passively putting up with a strange girl's decidedly un-amusing and very rude attempts at pointed wit and random spurts of kissing on both ends is hardly flirting. 
It's just sort of mucky and depressing juvenile ruckus.

A female heroine doesn't need a weak male counterpart. In order not to threaten the woman at all, there's no competition from the man in terms of likability, pulchritude, or wit. 
The men become simply eye candy for a woman; instead of being a complement (and perhaps a verbal jousting partner) to her. 
Do modern filmmakers really think so little of women that they have to pit them against helpless, mindless Passive Peters? 
Complimentary? I think not.

There's an unfortunate plethora of chick flicks in which the guy is majorly unimpressive. Often, he'll just serve as a pretty face, a reward for the girl at the end. 
Which makes the love story wholly unexciting. 
Do filmmakers think that having an impressive male figure will overpower and lessen the beauty of the woman character?  
But truly, strong women and strong men can't exist without each other. 
They complement each other. Look at Darcy and Lizzie. So flawed. But together, they are so strong. 
And it takes each other to find that.

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  1. Cheers to that! The "perfect" story has become perfectly snooze-worthy.