Wednesday, December 2, 2009

where you go; i go

The swan, like the soul of the poet, by the dull world is ill understood. 

I love swans. I just love them. I was sitting around pondering them and their beauties today. Just look at them. They're gorgeous, graceful creatures. They look delicate, demure, and feminine.

Yet lying dormant within them are reservoirs of titanic strength that they draw on to fly over 2000 miles.

That's strength. It's a beautiful sort of strength. A strong, quiet type of strength-shy, demure, quiet. Not brash, demanding attention, but simply doing what needs to be done without fuss or complaint. That's the kind of strong I strive/hope/wish/want to be.

And when they find their swan soul-mate, they stick with them for life.
Faithful through thick 'n' thin.
That's a tough, true sort of love.

There's a double beauty whenever a swan swims on a lake with her double thereon. 
--Thomas Hood


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  2. I definitely agree! :) That was a lovely post, Addie!

  3. A lovely post!

    Joyfully in Christ,
    Grace Marie